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Our Sustainability Strategy

NZ Safety Blackwoods is committed to the UN Global Compact’s 10 sustainability principles which underpin our sustainability strategy. Within NZ Safety Blackwoods, we continue to develop, promote and support a rigorous sustainability agenda.

Sustainability at NZ Safety Blackwoods

At NZ Safety Blackwoods we believe long-term value creation is only possible if we play a positive role in the communities we serve. Sustainability is about understanding and managing the ways we impact our community and the environment, to ensure we continue to create value in the future.

NZ Safety Blackwoods operates a sustainability committee within New Zealand and is part of the Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety Business Unit Sustainability Committee. We use a Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard environmental management system to gather, analyse and report data through to Wesfarmers.

Our commitment to sustainability is ongoing and we’re always looking for opportunities to improve. We’re striving to look for more opportunities to save on energy and reduce our carbon footprint. We are proactive about managing risks associated with climate change because responding will deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits for all of us.

What We Have Achieved 2018 - 2020

Like many sustainably-focused organisations, NZ Safety Blackwoods has implemented ongoing initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental impact, with some significant changes in the last two years.


As a result of reducing plastics in our Distribution Centres.


Driven by a shift to LED fittings in offices, Distribution Centres and Trade Centres.


Driven by efficiency changes to fleet vehicle type.


Decreasing our carbon emissions.


Software changes helped drive 700,000 less papers printed.


Removing general waste that otherwise would have gone to landfill.

Sustainability Case Studies
Waste Cross Contamination Reduction Project >
Our Commitment To Sustainable Product Solutions

At NZ Safety Blackwoods, we are proud to partner with key suppliers to identify, develop and source products that are environmentally friendly, providing you with product options to help meet your sustainability goals and environmental targets.

Our line-up of solutions combined with a select range of GECA certified products, allow us to provide customers with products that meet strict hygiene requirements, whilst minimising environmental impact.

Environmental considerations are forefront when developing our own-brand products, further reflecting our commitment to sustainability and supporting our customers in making purchasing decisions that reduce the impact on the environment and drive value.

Click here for a copy of our Focus on Sustainability >
Ethical Sourcing

NZ Safety Blackwoods is a recognised leader in managing design, development and supply chains globally and is committed to working with our supply partners to improve ethical business practices, deliver sustainable solutions, mitigate reputation risk and promote responsible behaviours in our supply chain.

We are partnered with Sedex and use the SMETA 6.0 audit methodology to ensure we continually evolve to align with global best practice.

Ethical Sourcing Policy and Compliance Declaration >
Involvement in Sustainability Initiatives

NZ Safety Blackwoods is proud to be involved with the following organisations promoting sustainability in New Zealand.

The Packaging Forum

The Packaging Forum, which promotes and funds consumer awareness programmes about packaging, recycling and litter, is an amalgamation of the Glass Packaging Forum, Soft Plastic Recycling, and the Public Place Recycling Scheme, with NZ Safety Blackwoods’ serving on the steering committee of the latter. >
Sustainable Business Network

The Sustainable Business Network is New Zealand’s largest, longest standing sustainable business organisation, with a purpose of empowering business so people and nature prosper. >

WasteMINZ is the authoritative voice on waste, resource recovery and contaminated land in New Zealand, and seeks to achieve ongoing and positive development through strengthening relationships, facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing and championing the implementation of best practice standards. >
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