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Keep your workplace conditions safe with a high-quality safety sign from NZ Safety Blackwoods. We supply a range of health and safety signage NZ-wide. Our signs are perfect for use in an array of settings, including offices, public buildings and industrial workplaces


Discover our safety signs in a broad range of sizes and durable materials. We have hazard and dangerous goods signs, emergency and fire safety signs, and general information signs, all available to order for your building or worksite throughout New Zealand. Search our selection of blank sign bases and frames, or contact us for a quote on our customised sign options, tailored to your specific safety needs.


Put the well-being of your workers and visitors first with safety signs from NZ Safety Blackwoods. Order online now or visit us in-store.


For more information about the safety sign products we offer, call our friendly team today on 0800 660 660 or send an email enquiry online.


Hazard and Dangerous Goods Signage Solutions


Our invaluable safety signs provide clear and direct instructions about the presence of on-site hazards and dangerous goods. Whether you need a general danger sign or an asbestos warning sign, we have the safety signs to meet your needs. We ship our durable hazard warning signs NZ-wide, available as signs, tags, and labels. Place orders from a large range of signs including flammable substances signs, Hazchem signs, live electrical equipment signs, authorised personnel only signs, radioactive danger signs, and explosive, oxidizing, or infectious substances signs.


Our Fire, Emergency, and Exit Signs


Search our extensive range of emergency and fire safety signs. We have sign products coated in luminescent material available, ensuring that critical health and safety directions can still be conveyed at night or in a power outage. Find signs indicating assembly points, emergency exits, fire extinguishers and fire and emergency action plan, and emergency phone signs. We also have signs alerting to the site of defibrillators, emergency shower and eyewash stations, and general first aid items.


General Information Signs


Our general facility and information signs are ideal for any industry, from hazardous construction sites to the retail sector. Shop versatile signs that will make the everyday activities, movements, and operations within your premises run smoother. Our general sign products denote helpful information, including toilet and information signs, accessibility signs, parking signs, speed limit signs, visitor protocol signs, and directional signs.


We also sell a variety of portable floor stand signs, graphic signs, and cone safety signs. Warn employees and visitors with a caution wet floor sign and paint or personal protection requirements. Provide a heads-up when on-site facilities and machines are out of service. These convenient sign products can be placed wherever and whenever they are needed.


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Order from NZ Safety Blackwoods online today or visit us in-store for standard and custom workplace and health and safety signs, NZ-wide shipping available.


To discover more about our top-quality safety signs and other safety items, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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