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EDI Solutions

Fundamental to improving NZ Safety Blackwoods customer relationships, is our commitment to electronic commerce through EDI (electronic data interchange). EDI is a method for exchanging business information between trading partners using a standardised electronic format. It replaces the paper form of documents such as orders, invoices, delivery notes, receipts and many others.

EDI is a key objective benefiting both you as the customer and NZ Safety Blackwoods with a more efficient processes, greater accuracy and elimination of data entry.

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EDI Evaluation Form

For an EDI system to be successful it requires commitment from both parties and agreement on the respective responsibilities and costs. In addition, a common challenge for trading partners wishing to exchange documents electronically is that often the “standard” used for file and data types is not the same.

NZ Safety Blackwoods partner with B2BE NZ Pty Ltd (B2BE) on implementing EDI for:

  • purchase orders
  • purchase order acknowledgements
  • advanced shipment notifications
  • and invoices.

B2BE provides a service based on the acceptance of a message from one party (sender) and forwarding of that message to another party (receiver). B2BE is responsible for the transmission of the message along with any agreed translation and data manipulation so that each party will receive electronic documents in the format that they choose to implement. This enable both parties the ability to exchange documents electronically without the need to understand or accommodate the other's systems and technologies. This approach has been taken to minimise new development and implementation costs for both parties.

B2BE can also interconnect to Value Added Networks (VANs) for customers who are already trading electronically using other network providers. These include but are not limited to Ariba, Unimarket, Perfect Shop, Coupa etc.

Benefits through EDI


  • By receiving orders from customers electronically which can be integrated straight into NZ Safety Blackwoods system without having to be manually keyed
  • By sending POA, ASN and Invoices electronically which can be integrated into the customers systems without the need to be manually keyed


  • Removing the need to key in data eliminates the potential of any data entry errors.
  • Use of a Punchout Catalogue ensures up to date data being submitted with orders including product descriptions, item code, UOM, quantity and price reducing issues with items being ordered that a no longer stocked


  • Invoice processing is improved ensuring that invoices are processed on time and payment is made in a timely manner
  • Order processing time and delivery cycles are reduced and NZ Safety Blackwoods stock is back on the customer’s hands in a shorter period of time
  • Because paper documents are replaced with electronic transactions it is easy to maintain electronic logs or audit trails of document handling activity
  • risk of hardcopy invoices and orders getting lost is removed
  • In the event of system problems where electronic data is lost or corrupted, B2BE can quickly and easily resend the electronic invoices or orders to the end recipient
  • Where purchase order acknowledgements and advanced shipping notifications are used increased visibility of order and shipment status can be obtained by the customer. (These two message sets are optional)

Reduced Costs

  • Significant savings can be made due to the elimination of human handling and keying errors

EDI Workflow

EDI workflow

NZ Safety Blackwoods Message Set

NZ Safety Blackwoods trade electronically using the following message set

  • Purchase Orders (Customer to NZ Safety Blackwoods)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgments (Functional Acknowledgement- NZ Safety Blackwoods to Customer)
  • Purchase Order Response (Full purchase order header and detail response)
  • Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)
  • Invoice

The purchase order acknowledgement and ASN messages are optional and their usage depends on the customer’s data and message tracking requirements.

Customer Formats

NZ Safety Blackwoods can accept customer purchase orders in any recognised electronic data interchange format (for example delimited flat file, csv, xml, EDIFACT). This is made possible by NZ Safety Blackwoods partnership with B2BE who act as an intermediary to transform the customer’s order format into the NZ Safety Blackwoods order format.

Purchase orders may be either single point or multi-point orders as both formats can be accepted by NZ Safety Blackwoods.

Messages sent by NZ Safety Blackwoods will be in the formats described on the other pages. These messages can be transformed into the customer’s preferred format via B2BE.

Interested in an EDI solution with NZ Safety Blackwoods

Please complete our evaluation form to get started

EDI Evaluation Form
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