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Having the right safety equipment in the workplace is important, but training staff to use it correctly is essential.

NZ Safety Blackwoods Worksafe Training is a specialist training organisation with a philosophy focused on health, safety and the environment, since the introduction of health and safety legislation.

Worksafe Training delivers cost-effective courses suitable for all employees – workers on the floor, supervisors, managers and company owners – from NZQA Unit Standard courses to customised on-site training.

Our dedicated training venues in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch are well equipped with classrooms and purpose-built facilities to provide technical training where workplace conditions can be replicated in a safe, controlled environment.

Our trainers can also come to you, conducting customised on-site training specific to your environment. This can be more cost effective by minimising downtime and more relevant by tailoring the course to your specific needs.

We strive to deliver quality training, and are continually developing and improving our course offerings to ensure we enable people to develop the essential skills to work safely.


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November - December 2018

January - March 2019 


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NZ Safety Blackwoods Worksafe Training is an independent Private Training Establishment (PTE) registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and is not associated with WorkSafe NZ.



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